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hotel amenities homepage--> hotel robes, hotel towels, hotel shower curtains:

AGL bath linens include quality hotel towels, hotel robes, and hotel shower curtains / bath curtains. 
We have velour hotel robes, terry hotel robes, waffle hotel robes in size L, XL, or XXL, with kimono collar or shawl collar. Our hotel towels ranges from bath towels, hand towels, face towels, bath mats, bath rugs to stripe pool towels. Our towels can be either long loops or short loops, with or without interwoven logo.

Please click below to check our hotel bath linens details:
waffle hotel robes
kimono collar robes
terry hotel robes
shawl collar robes
velour hotel robes
bathrobes with hood 
hotel towels collections (bath towels,
hand towels, bath mat, fact towels, pool towels)
hotel shower curtains
hotel bath curtains

we can also make a full range of hotel bathrobe. The details are :                                                  
) by fabric materials:  We offer waffle hotel bathrobes, terry hotel bathrobes, velour hotel bathrobes;                   
2) by bathrobe's style:we make kimono collar hotel bathrobes, shawl collar hotel bathrobes, or bathrobes with hood; 
3) by bathrobe's size: men's hotel bathrobes, ladies' hotel bathrobes, kids hotel bathrobes.
The regular finished sizes details are:      
                      robe's length        shoulder's width       chest's width       sleeves' length        belt size 
       54"(137cm)             23"(58cm)               29.5"( 75cm)        23"(59cm)            2"*78"                          
   50"(127cm)             21.5"(55cm)            28"( 72cm)           20.5"(52cm)         2"*78"                          
34"(86cm)                15"(38cm)              22"( 56cm)           17.3"(45cm)         2"*70"    


Features of AGL hotel bath towels, hotel hand towels, hotel face towels & hotel bath mat:                                      
1) all AGL hotel towels are made of 100% combed cotton/yarns, with best softness and good water absorption.          
2) by yarns' construction: AGL hotel towels can be divided into two groups: long loop hotel towels & short loop towels.  Long loop hotel towels can also be called long piles hotel towels, or ring spun hotel towels. Its high end construction(16S/single) ensures its greatest softness and its popularity in four-star or five-star hotels.   Short loop hotel towels can also be called short piles hotel towels. Their yarn construction(21S/double, or 32S/double0 ensures them to be most durable and are with most competitive pricing.                                                            
3) by weight (GSM) & sizes: AGL hotel bath towels, hotel hand towels, hotel face towels are mostly in 550GSM, or 600GSM, and AGL bath mat are often with an weight of 900GSM or 1000GSM. AGL regular sizes details are:       
Hotel bath towels:
70*140cm*550GSM, or 100*180cm*600GSM                                                                 
Hotel hand towels: 35*70cm*550GSM, or  40*75cm*600GSM                                                                      
Hotel face towels:
30*30cm*550GSM, or  33*33cm*600GSM                                                                       
Hotel bath mat:
    45*75cm*900GSM, or 50*80cm*1000GSM                                             
4)  by weaving method: AGL hotel towels can also be divided into two groups: with interwoven logo or without interwoven logo; hotel towels with interwoven logo means: your hotel's logo can be jacquard or called embossed when weaving;   hotel towels without interwoven logo means: the hotel towels are plain-weaving (no jacquard patterns);    Surely we can also embroider your hotel logos onto the hotel towels if requested.     



Contact information:

Co. Name: Angela Group Hotel Supplies Co. , Ltd.                                                                                      
Add.: Chenggang Road, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C.          ZIP: 226005                                         
TEL/FAX: 0086-513-6871 1672                 Web: 
E-mail:         MSN:             Skype: angelagroup    

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