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hotel amenities homepage
hotel slippers & shoe care items
     terry hotel slippers
     waffle hotel slippers
     velour hotel slippers
     non-woven hotel slippers
     hotel shoe horns
  hotel shoe polishing kits
hotel shoe mitts 
hotel toiletries and hotel amenities sets
hotel toothbrushes
    hotel toothpaste
    hotel dental kits
    hotel razors
    hotel shaving kits
    hotel soap
    hotel shampoo
    hotel body gel
    hotel body lotion
    hotel bath salt
    hotel combs
    hotel loofah
    hotel nail file
    hotel cotton buds
    hotel sewing kits
    hotel shower caps
    hotel sanitary bag
    hotel laundry bag
    hotel amenities set 01
    hotel amenities set 02   
hotel robes & towels
hotel bathrobes
    hotel towels
    hotel shower curtains
hotel collection bedding
  hotel sheets and covers
 hotel duvets, pillows &
    mattress pads

chair covers & table linens
chair covers & sashes
   tablecloths, skirts
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 one-stop source for hotel amenities, guest amenities, hotel slippers, hotel bathrobes, hotel towels, hotel bedding, chair covers and table linens from China hotel amenities manufacturer. 

hotel amenities, guest amenities categories:
As one of the leading hotel amenities, guest amenities suppliers, we can challenge your current hotel amenities suppliers both in pricing and quality. Our hotel amenities range covers below categories:
1)  Category One: hotel slippers & shoe care items, which includes terry hotel slippers, waffle hotel slippers, velour hotel slippers, non-woven hotel slippers, shoe horns, hotel shoe polishing kits, hotel shoe mitts;
2) Category Two:  hotel toiletries & hotel amenities sets, including: hotel toothbrushes, hotel toothpaste, hotel dental kits, hotel shaving kits, hotel shampoo, hotel body gel, hotel body lotion, hotel bath salt, hotel soaps, hotel comb, hotel loofah, hotel nail files, hotel sewing kits, hotel shower caps, hotel sanitary bags, hotel cotton buds, laundry bags, hotel amenities sets...
3) Category Three: hotel robes & towels, hotel shower curtains: our hotel robes can be made of waffle, terry, or velour fabrics; Our hotel towels can be with or without embossing/embroidered logo; Our hotel shower curtains are normally made of water-proof stripe fabric with white ivory or other solid colors.
4) Category Four: hotel collection bedding: here you can find luxury hotel sheets and covers with different thread counts, pattern designs, workmanship styles & sizes. And you will also find quality hotel duvets, pillows, mattress pads filled with feather/down or synthetic poly fiber.
5) Category Five: chair covers and table linens: cheap chair covers and sashes, tablecloths, skirts, runners, napkins used for hotel banquets, wedding events...

Please click below to check our hotel amenities categories details:
hotel slippers, spa slippers, airline slippers, shoe horns... hotel toiletirs and hotel amenities sets hotel robes, towels, hotel shower curtains hotel collection bedding, hotel sheets and covers chair covers, sashes, table linens
hotel slippers &
shoe care items
hotel toiletries &
hotel amenities sets
hotel robes & towels,
hotel shower curtains
hotel collection bedding
sheets, covers, duvets, pillows...
chair covers, sashes
& table linens

hotel amenities / guest amenities clients of ours: Involved in hotel amenities supplies for one decade, we have set up a close tie with many luxury four-star or five-star hotels or global hotel amenities suppliers. Whether you are a professional suppliers or you operate a five-hundred-room hotel, a ten-unit motel, a boutique lodge, an international chain, or anything in between, we have a full range of hotel amenities collections that will coordinate with your theme and delight your clients! please do not forget we are hotel amenities manufacturer ourselves, we cut off the middlemen and pass the saving to the hotel amenities, guest amenities end-users.  Our premium hotel amenities are mainly selling to Middle East (Dubai market), USA, Canada, European Union, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong...

quality control on hotel amenities / guest amenities:
With a clear understanding that all successful businesses are based on premier customer service, timely delivery, competitive prices and commitment towards our clients, we always attach great importance on each detailed step of our hotel amenities, from raw materials, processing, packing, shipment & documentation. Our experienced workers and staffs ensure all these quality detailed in an efficient and professional way.  

hotel amenities best sellers:

terry hotel slippers
terry spa slippers

hotel dental kits  terry hotel robes
shawl collar robes
hotel collection bedding
in sateen (250TC, 300TC...)
hotel amenities set 01
velour hotel slippers
luxury velvet hotel slippers
hotel towels collections


hotel collection bedding
in stripe (250TC, 300TC)
tablecloths, napkins
table runners, overlays
chair covers, 

hotel amenities definition: what is hotel amenities ?
Hotel amenities means a special "little extra" items, facilities, services offered by the hotel to attract and keep the customers. The customers usually do not pay extra for these things or the fee is very minimal. For example, hotels often offer the hotel amenities below:

  • complimentary (free) breakfast
  • laundry or ironing service
  • extra toothbrushes, shampoo, lotion, bath linens, bed linens, etc
  • wireless internet
  • access to a work-out facility

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